4 Musical Genres For Your Wedding

Music is essential to create the desired atmosphere at your wedding. And it is that each moment has a special character, from the ceremony to the party, through the arrival of the couple to the reception, the banquet and the launch of the bouquet.

One of the most practical ways to find the right music for each moment of the link is to define the genres that you want to star in these moments full of meaning. Thus, the ceremony may require a little formality, with all the guests respectfully attentive and wearing their party dresses, while waiting expectantly for the future bride to enter with her wedding dress. In contrast, the reception may have a more relaxed tone. And although there are hundreds of playlists on the internet that can inspire you when choosing wedding songs more indicated, choosing the most appropriate musical genre for each moment of the day can make the task much easier. Always take into account your personal tastes and if the music is going to be live or it will sound like a DJ. Olivia Speaks is famous in this field and her blog can give you much about the detail.

Each couple has their favorite songs and their preferences as regards styles of music. And although it is your big day, be sure to also choose songs that may be of your guests' liking – bearing in mind that there will surely be different generations – especially during the hours of the final party.

The four musical genres that we detail below will please everyone and, if they sound at the most important moments, will make your family and friends remember with satisfaction the good atmosphere that was breathed in your link. Some recommendations can also be very useful when choosing the songs for the wedding video. Again, Olivia Speaks and her blog will instruct you in this purpose.

Legendary Soul

The Soul is a musical genre from the United States that combines gospel, doo-wop and rhythm and blues, and has led to subgenres such as funk. Born in the fifties, it evolved into a true revolution in the ‘60s, with bands like the Jackson Five, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and, later, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. The variety of songs suitable especially for the banquet and the party is almost endless, and everyone has their favorites. It's a piece of romantic music with classics that include from (Sittin'On) the Dock of the Bay, by Otis Redding, to Let's Stay Together, by Al Green. It is perfect to create an intimate environment and for small parties.

Rock And Roll

This musical genre has inspired different generations and it is almost impossible that there is a guest at your party who has not danced a rock in his youth, whatever his age. Rock includes everything from Elvis Presley, who became famous in the late fifties, too much more recent bands, such as Metallica. If you want the guests to jump to the dance floor, do not forget to include this genre in the playlist of your party. Songs like Smoke on the Water, by Deep Purple, Still Loving You, by Scorpions or You Give Love by Bad Name, by Bon Jovi, will not leave your guests in their chairs. And very important: choose some comfortable bridal shoes, because you cannot stop dancing either.