How To Auto Share Facebook Post?

Managing several Pages on Facebook is not an easy task. Do you have ever posted something one Page and further shared it to other Pages in order to increase the post’s organic reach?

If yes, then you might know that the process is time-consuming. Now, these days with certain software the task can be done automatically. This software lessens your work to a great extent.

There are many people that even use Facebook auto poster multi poster for posting purposes.

 Auto Share Facebook

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You may have noticed that while posting or scheduling a status update, link, photo, photo album or video on Social Accounts there is an option of automatic share. In Auto Sharing scheduling at a specific time and direct posting can be done.

When something is successfully posted then link to that post will be quickly available. All that you need to do is share it, schedule it or even report. Copy-pasting is not required here. The link will be already attached. While posting you needs to select the place you want to post. Writing about it is a good option but it is optional.  This makes an auto post to facebook page quite easy.

Auto Share Facebook Post

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In manual publishing share option is available. The use of Schedule Manager is done here. Have a peek at this site in order to know more about auto share Facebook post.

The link is not available till you do not publish the post.  You do not need to worry in this case. For these two options are available.  One can either share them as soon as possible or the post can be scheduled at a specific time in the future.

The time original post is published then AutoShares will be updated with a link to the new post. Now regularly scheduled posts will be converted.