Disruptive Physicians: A Severe Threat To Health Care

The physicians with disruptive behavior are more than a headache for health care and medical organization. It can greatly lower staff morale and compromise patient care. Therefore, addressing this behavior earlier is imperative but knowing which route to take is not always clear.

And how will your considered a physician disruptive. The answer depends on the circumstances and the hiring status of the physician in question. There are several couples of different factors when deciding how, or more accurately who, should address physician disruptive behavior in the workplace.

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The first and most obvious consideration is whether the physician is hired by the health care entity or is a contractor. Usually, absent an engaging relationship with the physician, human resources is not associated directly with the physician and the issue is handled through the medical executive committee.

However, in some cases, both the human resource and the medical executive committee may become involved. For example, if the complaint is made by an employee, human resources would likely get involved regardless of whether the disruptive physician is a contractor.

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Since employers have a legal charge to ensure a hostile-free environment. They have the right to report unsafe working conditions anonymously. The health department may also ask that the medical executive committee intervene to secure the medical staff understands all of the facts and can measure in on whether the doctor is being treated fairly by the hospital.

There is a wide range of benefits and drawbacks to each resolution path. The human resource route usually means dealing with a single point person and usually the issue is resolved more speedily. Going through the medical executive committee, on the other hand, often takes months.

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The medical executive committee route also means more people will be involved, and it’s likely the case may become more political, depending on the culture of the executive committee. Get more tips here in this article and report the bad and disruptive behavior of physicians.