Know About Automotive Paint Protection

A paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane coating that is applied to painted car surfaces to protect paint jobs from chips, splashes, and small abrasions.

Almost all automotive manufacturers have agreed to use paint protection films on vehicles. It is also commonly referred to as the clear bra which is an original manufacturer. You can buy clear bra paint protection film for your vehicle.

It is recommended by manufacturers to entrust product applications to vinyl wrap and clear bra professional stores because installation requires unique skills and techniques to make it look right and last a lifetime. Many window tinting and detail shops also do installations.

Custom Toyota Supra complete car got protected with Suntek Ultra paint protection film / clear bra

The main purpose of the clear bra is to prevent clashes, rock chips, and other types of damage that cause harm to the paint and body of the vehicle. This is generally applied to the front facing the car, truck, and SUV. It can also be used on the entire body of the vehicle to provide maximum protection for vehicle factory paint.

Originally developed for use in military applications, it is now commercially available for general use. The automotive industry pays attention to the benefits offered by paint protection films and starts applying them to racing cars to protect expensive carbon fiber and fiberglass bodies. Initially, the film was thicker and harder to install because this thick film was designed to protect helicopter propellers from sand erosion.

The currently available films are specifically designed to be flexible and in accordance with the vehicle body. There are many choices available on the market with special types which are produced mainly with technical capabilities to offer top-level protection and even self-healing abilities.