Repairing Our Garage Door And Everything Else

And while we are at it, we might as well repair the ones that need repair too. Like the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom sink and everything else. Seriously, even the freaking bathroom door needs to have a lock again. What if we have guests and someone is using the bathroom but there is no lock? Yeah, we need to repair everything else and not just the garage door repair in Miami.

When you really think about it, it kind of makes senses that we need the repairmen all the time. Because our world does not have anything permanent and that everything either changes or idle, we would have the need for repairing the things that do get damaged but does not really die.

Too bad for humans that we do not have any permanent repair that would make us live forever. But our repairmen for humans, that is to say, the doctors, are here anyway. But sometimes they just cannot fix the others that are meant to be expired.

Jesus, even our very own planet does not have a permanent state. It will soon die someday and even if we can be safe in our minds that it will do not happen until at least a few billions of years away, it still is not going to be here forever. That being said, a billion years already feels like forever to us.

Unless we are immortals who live forever, then a billion will just feel like a lifetime probably. A billion years still a lot, you see. We are only guaranteed about fifty or more years. That is clearly nothing compared to millions and millions of years.

You can live that long if you are some kind of planet yourself. And only then you will only be guaranteed some kind of reassurance that at least you will die in a spectacular way. By exploding into bits and pieces.

Will that is painful for the planet if it was sentient enough to feel it? or will it feel like going to an indefinite sleep? We will never know., we would be dead way before that happens. And then when the humans finally have all knowledge in the worldthe  because of the progress after that many years, what is the assurance that we will even go extinct at all?

There would probably be some kind of way to go live on a different planet that will still be here after its own billions of years. Our kind will certainly not die out even if w wanted it to. And the other life forms out there will probably either integrate with us, use us and slaughter us or maybe just wants us to die and to get involved.

Who really knows what they think of this point? All we know is that they refuse to enter our system because of all the noise and radio waves coming to from our planet. They can hear it even when they are on Pluto. Damn, we are a noisy bunch, are we? We really should just die already and start over or something.