Use Of Promotional Products As A Marketing Tool

Most advertising is based on repetition. Nobody listens to a single ad on TV, radio or even in printed media such as newspapers and magazines. Business advertising is most effective when it’s replicated and the same message is delivered to the target market before it becomes subliminal.

The message is usually a product is better, will make you rich, thin or save you money. Promotional products do it more efficiently by providing your customers with something they want and will use while continuously delivering your message.

Irrespective of the size of your business, there is a promotional product that’s ideal for your message at a reasonable price. Promotional products are a $19 billion dollar business composed of thousands of economical products like logo pens.

Every time your company gives away a pencil, USB flash drive, drink ware, sports bottle, bag, backpack or similar kind of product it’ll be actively used; not just once, but over and over again. Each time it’s used, your message is delivered directly where you need it.

This is known as price per impression – how many times your company’s logo or message will be viewed for the same investment dollar. Promotional products are far and away from the undefeated sales winner at this measurement.

Whether you are a new company trying to achieve and build a customer base, or an established firm introducing new merchandise, connect with your clients or simply need to lure new sales, unique promotional products like custom stress balls, are the best media.

Direct mail, flyers, newspapers and other prints are hit and miss tools. Normally, they end up in the garbage without making their point. Email blasts end up in the spam bucket. Promotional products are active, usable carriers that are appreciated, not lost as soon as possible.