What does the term 550 paracord mean?

The term paracord itself comes from the cable used in parachutes in World War II. The term 550 simply means that it has a breaking strength of 550 pounds. Give the full name 550 paracord or 550 cords. When soldiers land on the battlefield, they will cut the parachute from their parachute and pack it for later use.

This special rope will be useful for the soldiers during battle. Whether it is used to tie a dental strap to a humvee, help build shelter, or lower teeth down, the cord can be used in an endless way. You can buy paracord cables from various online sources.

What types of 550 cables are there?

Commercial: Since paracord began to be popular among civilians, there have been many types of artificial paracord. This particular type of paracord can be called "commercial paracord 550".

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Original MIL-C-5040 Type III: This 550 cable is the real thing, and there are only a few companies that make it for the government. One well-known company is E.L. Braiding Timber Company. They make a number of ropes for the government which is used for a number of things throughout the military.

What is the difference?

Well, the difference is very thin. Commercial cable 550 has the same breaking strength, and the diameter is the same, so you have to be careful when buying because there are many fake products on the market that claim to be the real deal.

 The US military has a number of parameters and specifications that must be passed by MIL-C-5040 Type III paracord before it is ready for use. Commercial 550 cables don't have to pass these same parameters, making them different in other ways.

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